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August 3, 2015
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Product Detail

Item#: AL2895
Type Use: Fresh & Saltwater
Units/Case: 1
Wt Each: 40.00

Other Important Information About This Product
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Clear Lid Option for Any ALSS Trickle Filter Add

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Product Name: P1200 Pkg #2 w/ Pump - Siphon Box - & Skimmer
Category: Filters*
Subcategory: Trickle, Refugium, Wet Dry and Berlin
Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems
The P1200 is the perfect filter for systems up to 130 gallons. With all the same features of our larger units, the P1200 filter's better performance and higher quality place it at the top of its class. The filter is designed for use with submersible pumps such as the Syncra Silent Pump Series.
The unique pre-filter over the drip plate is suspended above the drain holes to prevent clogging. The drip plate has a safety overflow port and is deep enough for chemical media, in addition to the proprietary pre-filter pads supplied. The white Sintra® lid over the drip plate helps silence the unit. Clear acrylic lids are optional.
The BioFlow media with its higher void space and sweeping surfaces far outperforms other media. The unit's secondary sponge filter can be placed beneath the media for conserving sump space, or in the sump area using the partition wall or in the sump with carbon above it for draining a protein skimmer, like the Model 22V. For heavily loaded systems or for just increasing the filtration capacity of the filter, a second sponge can be added giving the unit an unmatched dual sponge post filter configuration.
With easy hook up and installation, this Aquarium Life Support Systems filter is of unrivaled quality and superior performance at an economical price from a company you can count on. Like all of our filters, the P1200 is constructed from the 1/4" cast acrylic with the superior design, workmanship, and features our customers have come to expect, and are backed up with a Lifetime Warranty. Despite the claims, no other filters perform better or longer. Make no compromises. Buy the best.

Filters include media unless otherwise indicated. RR denotes reef ready hookup - no tank return, includes 3/4" and 1" vinyl tubing. Filters without the RR notation ship with an EIM Return, 3/4" and 1" vinyl tubing.

Dimensions: 24" x 10.5" x 16" & pipe fittings
Inlets: (2) 1"
Media capacity: 5 gallons
Recommended Flow Rates: 500-1000gph

• Pre-filter drip plate with safety overflow
• Secondary sponge filter
• Carbon wall support rails built in
• Sponge partition wall for sponge placement in forward sump or for dual sponge configuration
• Special high surface area biomedia
• Ample sump area for reactors, skimmers, & heaters
• Water Level Indicator
• Low sump height for easy cleaning & maintenance
• Fits most cabinets & stands
• Lifetime warranty

P1200 Trickle Filter Options
• 3/4" Flap Check Valve, #5051
• 3/4" Advanced LocLine® Return, #AL4858
• Refugium / Mud Filter Chamber
• 22V Protein Skimmer, #AL3488
• 1" Tank Adapter factory installed for external pump use, #AL2203
• Model G Reactor, #AL2229
• Clear Lid For Drip Plate, #AL100

P1200 Package #1- #AL2894 - This package contains everything needed to hook up a UP1200 to an aquarium up to 130 gallons. This great package uses a 700gph submersible pump so it uses less electricity. UP1200 Package Deal #1 includes:
1 - #AL120 - P1200 with media
1 - #2205 - Micro Siphon Box
1 - #SIC106 - Syncra Silent 2.0 Pump 568gph
1 - #AL3024 - EIM Return
1 - #5249 - 3/4" Street Elbow
2 - #5126 - 3/4" Clamps
3/4" Tubing

P1200 Package #2 - AL120
This package contains everything needed to hook up a UP1200 to tank up to 130 gallons. This great package uses a 700gph submersible pump so it runs quieter, using less electricity, and the package also includes a venturi protein skimmer.
1 - #AL120 - P1200 with Media
1 - #2205 - Micro Siphon Box
1 - #AL3025 - EIM Return
1 - #SIC108 - Syncra 3.0 714gph
1 - #5249 - 3/4" Street Elbow
1 - #AL3488 - 22v Protein Skimmer
2 - #5126 - 3/4" Clamps
3/4" tubing

P1200 Package #3 - AL2899
The best trickle filter in its class, a great venturi skimmer, and the best external pump on the market make up this package. Use on any reef-ready or drilled tank. Intended for use on systems up to 130 gallons. This is a great package for use with a larger UP100 Siphon Box if needed - the best siphon box on the market. Includes all plumbing for hook up.
1 - #AL3074 - P1200RR with Media
1 - #AL3488 - 22V Protein Skimmer
1 - #SIC108 - Syncra 3.0 714gph
1 - #5249 - 3/4" Street Elbow
2 - #5126 - 3/4" Clamps
3/4" Tubing

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