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April 21, 2018
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Product Detail

Item#: PBM479  
  Type Use: Fresh & Saltwater
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 5.00

Product Name: Special Phosphate, Silicate, Fluoride, & Arsenic Sorbent Medium 5lb Bag
Category: Tap Water Purification
Subcategory: Replacement Filters RO/ DI/kold steril
Manufacturer: Poly-Bio Marine
Phosphates + Molybdate, Reactive Silicates, Fluorides

Methods of Filtration
Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc."s filtration medium for the removal of phosphates and silicates from tapwater can be installed into Kold Ster-il as an original purchases or retrofitted into previously purchased units. This medium may be added in several ways. First, simply filling the submicron filter bag with a preweighed filter medium charge. Second, a Disc Retainer Assembly is fitted with a 0.20Ám filter disc and 1.00Ám prefilter disc followed by a wet charge of the granular filter medium. This complete assembly is added as a second stage replacing the submicron filter bag assembly.
Why the two different methods? Many people have tapwater containing only low levels of phosphate and silicate i.e. 1-2 mg/L Ortho phosphate & 1-2 mg/L milicates. In low level phosphate and silicate tapwater the continued usage of submicron filter bag is possible provided flow rates are maintained below 1.0 liter per minute. This continues the patented synergistic effects of molecular absorption discs followed by submicron filtration upon the last stage solid core carbon and charged ceramic medium. If phosphates and silicates exceed 2.0 mg/L or higher flow rates (0.50Gpm) are required due to total gallonage requirements. The extra disc assembly containing prefilter, submicron and granular media supplies the filtration solution. In fact, a complete extra Disc Retainer Assembly, fitted as above, may be purchased and added on a temporary basis during fish or reef tank water production. This would allow submicron filtration during drinking water production and save the special phosphate/silicate medium for only fish/reef water applications. The choice of filtration method belongs our customer. Remember, tapwater in North America, may need filtration but doesn"t always contain problem levels of either phosphates or silicates. This special phosphate/silicate filter medium life expectancy is dependent upon phosphate/silicate/fluoride concentration, pH levels, and flow rates thourgh the medium.

We believe you will find Kold Ster-il filtered tapwater superior to R/O + D.I. for taste, quality, health and without any wastewater losses.

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