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January 27, 2022
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Product Detail

Item#: SC6665
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 0.25

Product Name: Acid Regulator 250g
Category: Additives*
Subcategory: pH, gH, & kH
Manufacturer: Seachem
Acid Regulator adjusts pH to the acidic range (4.5-5.5) and softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Acid Regulator supports the establishment of the optimal environment for all acid acclimated species (e.g. neons and other tetras, etc.). For further freshwater environment enhancement, use Fresh Trace to restore the proper level of trace elements required by thriving, healthy freshwater community fish.

DIRECTIONS: Use 1 level teaspoon (7grams) for every 40 L (10 gallons*) daily until intended pH is reached. Thereafter, use once a month or with water changes as required to maintain pH. To raise pH, use Neutral Regulator. To target a particular pH use in combination with Neutral Regulator following the chart indicated on the bottle (or Seachem's website). This chart assumes the use of unbuffered water (RO or DI). If water is already buffered use the chart as a starting guide. Dechlorinate tap water before doing a water change.

Acid Regulator Support

Q I have a planted tank with neons. I want to lower my pH. Can I use Acid Regulator with my plants?

A: Yes, it won't harm your plants, however, Acid Regulator is a phosphate based buffer, so you may experience some unwanted algae growth depending on usage. For lowering pH in the planted aquarium, we recommend Acid Buffer. Acid Buffer is a phosphate/carbonate free buffer for lowering and stabilizing pH in the acid range of pH 4-6.8.

Q: What is the difference between Acid Buffer and the new Acid Regulator pH

conditioners that your offer?

A. The difference is that Acid Buffer is a straight acid source and Acid Regulator is a phosphate based buffering system. Acid Regulator has a greater ability to maintain a pH as were a straight acid source can have a slight pH drift. When you are trying to avoid any additional phosphates, I would go with the Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer products but if that is not an issue, then the Acid Regulator will maintain a more constant pH.

Q: I've been using the Neutral Regulator with Discus Buffer to hold to around a 7.0 pH. Having just seen and ordered the Acid Regulator I assumed I could use it alone to keep a 6.8 or so depending how much I use. Is this true or do I need to keep using the Neutral with it? And if so what's the difference between the Acid Regulator and the Discus Buffer then?

A: The components of Acid Regulator and Discus Buffer are similar so both can be used successfully in your system. You can use Acid Regulator by itself to achieve a pH within the range of 4.5 - 6.8, adding slowly until intended pH is reached. We recommend using Acid Regulator in combination with Neutral Regulator or Alkaline Regulator to maintain a slightly higher pH or to increase pH (if your pH is lowered too quickly, etc).

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