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January 27, 2022
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Product Detail

Item#: SIC148

Supporting Documents
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 8.10

Product Name: Master DW 5500 Dirty Water Pump 13ft Max Head 1430gph, 20ft Grounded Cord*
Category: Pumps & Flow*
Subcategory: Pumps
Manufacturer: Sicce
Master DW is a prestigious range of pumps in four models 4000, 5500, 8000e, and 10500e. Master DW pumps have been designed for medium to large ponds and to handle particularly dirty water.
· They are ideal for creating waterfalls or for use in conjunction with external filters or surface skimmer filters. The Intake can handle up to 8mm waste.
· The 4000 handles up to 4mm waste.
It is a pump with a new-generation electronic controlled synchronous motor (Sicce International patent) which allows power/ head performances that have never been achieved by any other manufacturer in the world. The simplicity and great reliability of the synchronous motors combined with the most sophisticated electronics make the Master DW a really unique product.
The simplicity and great reliability of the synchronous motors combined with the highly sophisticated electronics make the Master DW a really unique product and puts them in an elite group of
· Best Pumps in the World.
The anti-clog system double rotation impeller allows Master DW pumps to clean themselves if any objects block the rotor, preventing its normal operation. If the rotor becomes blocked by an object, it rapidly and repeatedly inverts the direction of rotation until the object is removed and normal status is restored.

· Patented NRG Energy System

· Patented Anti-Clog System allows Master DW pumps to clean themselves if any objects block the rotor.

· Vibration-dampening rubber pads that allow it to run in absolute silence

· Double filtration intake

· Electronically powered (e series)

· 3 Year Guarantee

· Professional Quality Rotor

· Ceramic Shaft

· Permanent magnet-driven synchronous motor. The earth-magnets in this motor are made from alloys of rare earth elements, which are substantially stronger than the ferrite magnets which inexpensive pumps utilize.

· 20 ft. Power Cord
NEW - AUTOMATIC SWITCHING OFF in case of overheating or dry operations - without float switch!

· UL Listed

· 1430 GPH

· 13ft max head

· 150 watts

· 1in. outlet
Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors:

· Speed is independent of the load, providing an adequate field current is applied.

· Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible.

· Their power factor is closer adjusted to unity by using a proper field current relative to the load.

· A capacitive power factor (current phase leads voltage phase) is obtained which
· achieves a better power factor correction.

· Their construction allows for increased electrical efficiency when a low speed is required.

· Better Performance

· Grounded pump

· Highest power factor

· Higher Head Pressure per watt

· Higher Flow Per Watt

· More efficient

· Maximum energy conservation and lower electric bills.

· Sicce pumps can pay for themselves in elecrtrial savings

· Quieter Operation

· Much Smoother Rotation

· Less heat transfer

· Fewer vibrations

· Rotors can be made smaller than asynchronous motors with better performance.
Spare Parts:

SVE0008 Kit O-Ring (3pcs.)

SPL0035 Bottom grill

SKT0070 Prechamber

SKT0071 Shaft

SGR0037 Impeller 60 Hz

STR0003 Hose Fitting 1 gas

SGR0067 Impeller

90960 Shaft

90961 Prechamber

SGR0068 Impeller

90960 Shaft

90962 Prechamber

SGR0011 Impeller

SKT0023 Shaft with bearings

SPL0002 Prechamber with O rings (2 pcs)
MASTER DW 5500 / 8000 / 10500

90963 Steel screws ( 4 pcs )

90964 Prechamber's O rings ( 2 pcs )

90965 bottom grill

STR0003 Hose Fitting 1 gas

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