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March 7, 2021
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Product Detail

Item#: RS1000
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 6.25

Other Important Information About This Product
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  Substitute Product:

  Use This Product With:
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Product Name: Aiptasia-X 60mL
Category: Medications, Prevention, & Pests*
Subcategory: Predator & Pest Deterrent
Manufacturer: Red Sea

· Unique adhesive material

· Guaranteed extermination of treated Aiptasia

· Does not effect water chemistry

· Includes straight and angled applicator tips

· 100 treatments
Live rocks are an essential part of a reef aquarium, and as their name suggests they are colonized by a rich variety of living marine organisms most of which play a significant role in the success of the marine aquarium.
One of the organisms that is very often introduced to the aquarium with new live rocks (and sometimes with corals) is Aiptasia sp. also known as the Glass anemone. Aiptasia are hermaphroditic and constantly release their planula (larval stage anemone) into the surrounding water; these may attach themselves to rock or glass and develop into a full anemone.
Aiptasia sp. are highly adaptable and even in poor water conditions spread like weeds. They cause severe damage to the sessile invertebrates that inhabit the tank by stinging their delicate tissues, and compete with them for food and space. Aiptasia sp. are considered as a pest and if left unchecked will take over the entire aquarium. It is essential they are eliminated before their numbers reach nuisance proportions.
Aiptasia sp. anemones are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Physically removing them is difficult due to the fact that they quickly withdraw into tiny holes in the live rock when they are touched. Physically removing them is also ineffective as once they sense danger they release thier planula into the water.
Furthermore, some residual tissue always stays on the rock and can regenerate into new Aiptasia sp., leaving you with more than you started with.
The most effective method of eliminating Aiptasia sp. is by exterminating them with strong chemicals however in their basic form they are difficult to administer and can cause collateral damage to the reef.

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