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May 30, 2024

About Us

Aquarium Life Support Systems

We have dedicated our business to the independent retailer and we understand the pride of the small business owner and exactly what it takes to become successful. We understand how much work a fish store is, what it is like to run a fish room filled with quality livestock, and shelves stocked with all those items that customers want. We understand what it means to actually know something about what you sell. For all these reasons, we structure our business around your business to give you not only the products you need at consistently low prices, but also the service and support to help you sell what you carry.

Why should you buy from Aquarium Life Support Systems? First of all, we can help you make money. Aquarium Life Support Systems offers consistently low prices across the board every day. We don't get you hooked with a few specials then stick it to you later. Our prices are equal to getting 15-20% off every day and we have no required buying levels. Second, our friendly service and continued dealer support have been the watchwords of our business since 1986. And, most important, we understand the meaning of value. Most distributors work off a high book price and you spend all of your time looking for the one with the best discount or deal each week. This searching costs you time and money. We know your time is much better spent helping customers.

We do not cater to or help "mass merchants." We research and stock quality products that the "super stores" aren’t willing to stock and don’t have the knowledgable staff to sell and this helps you compete in our highly volatile market. Aquarium Life Support Systems manufactures the best trickle filter in the industry and the #1 exported filter to England. Products like these can give you a definite edge over the large, generally poorly informed mass merchants. We know the products we sell and answer your purchasing questions honestly. We help our loyal customers with fish room advice and can help design your central filtration systems and implement new ideas.

We have dedicated our business to the independent retailer because we understand the meaning of value and the long range importance of these quality stores to the continued success of our hobby and our industry.

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