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October 15, 2021
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Product Detail

Item#: AL127BLUE  
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each:  

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:
ADV-200 3rd Generation Advance Series Up to 200 Gallons *

  Substitute Product:
Pump & Plumbing Package with Siphon Box for ADV 200, R-200, RS-200, WD-125CS, & WD-200CS

  Use This Product With:
Checkvalve Flap 3/4" FIPT

Product Name: Pump & Plumbing Package for ADV 200, R-200, RS-200, WD-125CS, & WD-200CS 1579 gph DC
Category: Filtration*
Subcategory: Trickle, Refugium, Wet Dry and Berlin
Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems
Pump & Plumbing Package for Eshopps ADV 200, R-200, RS-200, Fusion 200, WD-125CS, & WD-200CS

We have taken the guess work out of getting the plumbing together for your filters or sumps.
Everything is included to hook up the most quiet and best ZK Platinum Blue DC Controllable Pump to your filter and most reef ready aquariums.. The plumbing included provides easy installation with optimized performance for the filter models listed. Optional items that may be needed PVC Glue, aquarium drain and fitting adapters. (This varies with some manufactures.) Let us know and we can make sure you have what you need.

IPSxInsert Slip Adapter 1” - 1

4” 1” PVC - 1

Plastic Hose Clamp 1” - x2

1” Tubing per Foot - x6

ZK101 Platinum DC Controllable 1579 GPH Pump - x1 ZK101

3/4” Tubing per Foot - x6

Plastic Hose Clamp 3/4” - x4

Reducing Insert 3/4" x1" IxI - x1

Red. Male Adapter 1x3/4 MIPTxI - x2

3/4" Insert Tee x1


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