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June 27, 2022
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Product Detail

Item#: AL250 •NEW•

AquaLife Pro Shrimp Sticks 1 oz Complete Formula
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 0.50

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:
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  Substitute Product:
CS Pro Flake Calanus & Spirulina Food 25 gram

  Use This Product With:
Bio-Pro Plus 2 oz Probiotic Health Supplement

Product Name: AquaLife Pro Shrimp Sticks 1 oz Complete Formula
Category: Foods & Feeding*
Subcategory: Shrimp Food
Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems
AquaLife Pro Shrimp Sticks, 1 oz

- Superior Nutrition
- Professionally formulated
- Pre- and Probiotics
- Color enhancing 
- Made with 100% natural ingredients.
- Crafted to sink for easy consumption.
- A Complete diet for all shrimp and crayfish including red fire, sakura red, sakura orange, blue pearl, yellow fire, black tiger and blue tiger shrimp and all shrimp species.

AquaLife Pro Shrimp Sticks Complete Formula contains all the important nutrients, ingredients needed for color, breeding and vital ingredients that shrimp need for healthy, balanced growth. Pro Shrimp Sticks are sinking and consist of 100% natural ingredients for a biologically balanced diet for freshwater dwarf shrimp and decorator crayfish. High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from aquatic animals ensure balanced growth. Dietary fibre from various vegetables, pre- and probiotic for healthy digestion. Pro Shrimp Sticks contain Vitamins and vital ingredients from different types of algae and vegetables for a functioning metabolism. ß-glucan from yeast supports the body's own defense mechanisms and immune system. Natural carotinoids promote the full development of species-specific coloring.

Pro tip: for targeted feeding, use Viv's Bottom Feeding Tube to drop the food into Viv's Shrimp & Bottom Feeding Glass Dish, keeps substrate clean from any broken up food.

Tip: Pro Shrimp Sticks are also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs and snails. 

Label Information:

AquaLife Pro Shrimp Sticks are the perfect natural diet for delicate grazing invertebrates like shrimp, crabs and snails, particularly freshwater and dwarf species.  Packed with vegetable and animal proteins and natural flavors, this scientifically formulated diet provides optimal balanced nutrition. AquaLife Shrimp Sticks are rich in Spirulina for healthy molting, vibrant colors, and enhanced immunity.

Directions: Feed shrimp and other invertebrates sparingly daily. Remove any uneaten food to help keep the aquarium clean.

Analysis:  Min Crude Protein 40%, Min Crude Fat 7%, Min Crude Fiber 7%, Max Moisture 8%

Ingredients:  Salmon Fish Meal, Gluten Flour, Soy Flour, Brewers Yeast, Corn Starch, Freeze Dried Krill, Freeze Dried Plankton. Mixture of Plants and Vegetables Including:  Seaweed, Spirulina, Celery, Carrots, Squash, Spinach, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Tomato,  Vegetable Oils, Vitamin & Mineral Supplements.  Double Stabilized Vitamin
“C”.  No Preservatives, Minimal Coloring.

For Aquarium Use Only. 
Keep out of reach of children.

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