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July 19, 2018
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Product Detail

Item#: AL4018

Aqualife Scientific Grade Activated Carbon Treats up to 1600 Gallons .75 Gallons
  Type Use: Pond, Fresh & Saltwater
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 1.50

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:
Carbophos 32oz Easy Pour by AquaLife

  Substitute Product:
Chemi-pure 10oz

  Use This Product With:
DeNitrex BioPellets Nitrate and Phosphate Remover 356ml

Product Name: Aqualife Scientific Grade Activated Carbon Treats up to 1600 Gallons .75 Gallons
Category: Filter & Reactor Media*
Subcategory: Carbon
Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems
Premium granular carbon lasts longer, performs better.

·Phosphate free
·Keeps fish and invertebrates healthy and active
·Activated reef formula
·Absorbs harmful chemicals, organics, metals, & proteins
·Removes odors and colors
·Keeps water sparkling clean
·For reefs, plants, fish, ponds and invertebrates

Remove carbon when medicating aquarium or pond. Replace carbon as needed. The effectiveness depends on how well aquarium or pond is maintained, number of fish and
invertebrates, etc. Place carbon in container or filter bag and rinse with tap water to
remove phosphate and dust.

Directions: 1/4 cup per 125 gallons monthly is recommended. In reef aquariums, remove
carbon after 1-2 weeks of use. Dose with trace elements. Let the reef system run for at
least two weeks without carbon or until needed. Use AquaLife Phosphate Remover along with carbon to reduce phosphate and silicate from fish foods. AquaLife Phosphate
Remover can be used without a rest period in reefs in most cases.

·Activation process creates enormous
surface area
·Removes pollutants that mechanical and
chemical filtration leave behind
·High adsorption capacity - lasts longer
than inferior carbons
·Carbon can be used between filter floss,
pads, inside filter bags, or in canister filters

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