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October 5, 2022
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Product Detail

Item#: BE3070
  Type Use:
  Units/Case: 1
  Wt Each: 2.74

Other Important Information About This Product
  Related Product:
aquavitro Purfiltrum 100ml

  Substitute Product:
Chemi-pure Elite 6.5oz

  Use This Product With:
BioMatrix Large Particle Biological Filter Media 750 ml LiveRock

Product Name: Chemi-pure 5oz
Category: Filter & Reactor Media*
Subcategory: Combination & mixed use
Manufacturer: Boyd Enterprises
Chemi-pure contains extruded pelletized carbon and ion exchange resins. It works best for any medium-heavy bioload freshwater or saltwater aquarium. The benefits are clear and contaminant free water.

Chemi-Pure quickly filters excess waste nutrients that bacteria feed on, stopping bacteria build up and clearing your tank. Most fish tanks and aquariums become cloudy, dirty, or murky as bacteria consume waste and multiply, clouding up the water. Chemi-Pure removes dissolved organic waste, food, and other particulates quickly and safely by filtering them directly from marine and freshwater tank water, stopping the bacteria build up.

Chemi-pure is a simple-to-use filter media suitable for all types of aquatic environments, and which is manufactured with the latest technologies available. Chemi-Pure is very economical, and provides problem-free filter operation. Chemi-Pure is a nylon filter bag filled with a high grade blend of activated carbons and ion exchange resins. The activated carbons filter particulates and waste while the ion exchange resins help remove nitrogen (ammonia and nitrate) build up which is harmful to your fish. Chemi-Pure also stabilizes water chemistry while keeping your pH levels perfectly constant. Its effects are far reaching, another reason why aquarists worldwide have been using it for years to help improve the life and health of their aquariums.

Below is a listing of some of the benefits of using Chemi-pure:

·Keeps pH stable and constant

·Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water

·Keeps aquariums crystal clear

·Provides positive neurological reactions in fish, mimicking a natural environment

·Removes dissolved organics

·Helps fish have a better appetite

·Eliminates osmotic shock

·Increases fish life span

·Filters out coppers, metals, odors, and phenol

·Prevents ion antagonism

·Lasts 4-6 months

·Available in several sizes

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